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      小測驗 — 除 “if” 以外表條件的短語和單詞



      單詞 “if” 可能是許多英語學習者在學習條件句時接觸到的最基本的引導詞之一。在表示一件事情發生的條件時,除了用 “if” 以外,還有其它可以使用的詞語或固定搭配。比如,下列說法都可以用來談論導致一件事情發生的具體前提:as long as 只要;provided/providing (that) 如果、只要;on condition that 條件是、在……的條件下。做八道習題,考考你是否能靈活地運用除 “if” 以外,用來表示條件的短語和單詞。

      1. But _______ the money transfer isn’t successful?

      a) unless

      b) even if

      c) in case

      d) what if

      2. We can give you a refund for the jeans _______ you provide the receipt.

      a) supposed

      b) on the condition that

      c) unless

      d) in case

      3. The PC will be safe from malware attacks _______ good anti-virus software has been installed.

      a) provided that

      b) unless

      c) in case

      d) should

      4. _______ they offered you the job, would you take it?

      a) But for

      b) In case

      c) Suppose

      d) Should

      5. _______ they deliver the sofa on Tuesday, there’ll be no one home to receive it.

      a) In case

      b) Providing that

      c) But for

      d) Even if

      6. They would have caught a serious virus, _______ the vaccination they had had before they left.

      a) but for

      b) providing that

      c) on the condition that

      d) so long as

      7. The city mayor said she didn’t mind street art in the city _______ it wasn’t offensive.

      a) unless

      b) whether

      c) in case

      d) so long as

      8. There were ambulances on standby _______ the students fell sick at the exam hall.

      a) unless 

      b) so long as

      c) in case 

      d) but for 


      1) d, 2) b, 3) a, 4) c, 5) d, 6) a, 7) d, 8) c.

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